Yikes! You can find lots of little critters in your warm and cozy home this time of year.

I have read so many stories of creatures coming home in Christmas trees. Owls, possums, squirrels, cats... you name it, and people have been finding it in Christmas trees this year.


But recently in Wrentham, Massachusetts, a house had a different pest – a bat! The homeowners were able to stop the little guy with a towel, and that's where police took over!

My favorite part of the extraction of this tiny bat (who was not hurt and released into the wild) was how the police chief in Wrentham described the actions of Officer Coliflores...

Officer Coliflores as he captured and then walked out of the home with this unwanted winged visitor. His cautioned approach, text book transfer from towel to Tupperware and steady walk as if carrying a bomb 💣 was most impressive.

I love that the biggest problem this homeowner has seen all year was solved with a good piece of Tupperware. By the way, you can keep it. Don't feel obligated to fill it with homemade cookies.

Of the hundreds of comments on the Facebook post, most commented how brave the officer was! And there were, of course, many references to Batman!

5. Batman: The Animated Series
Warner Bros.

The good news is that the bat (who is a very important creature for our environment despite looking so evil) and residents are okay. And once the cop gets over the ooginess of it all, he'll be fine too.

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