It's always so sad when you drive by a vacant building that was once so full of life. The other day I drove by the old Pizza Hut out in Westbrook, and happened to notice that it was still very dark and very vacant with the promise of a relocation on their sign.

This infamous Pizza Hut building has been a long time Westbrook Crossing resident, and according to, their relocation destination is still in Westbrook Crossing, right behind the Supercuts.

So the question is, why hasn't anybody purchased this little building and claimed it as their own to run a business in? While we may not know the answers right now, we can at least imagine what could move in the spot that would be beneficial to Mainers.

Here are my suggestions. My friends and I extensively talked about this, and we decided on our top three.

1. Indoor dog park or dog pool
How many times have you wanted to take your pup to the park but couldn't find it in your bones to stand outside in the cold during the winter? This would be the perfect solution.

2. Coffee meet & greet
Hear me out. You're single, you go to this bar for a coffee to meet other singles who also enjoy coffee. Boom. Easy as that.

3. Paint Bar
Yes, downtown Portland, Maine, has Muse Paint Bar, but an opposite location across town would be super convenient.

What do you think would be cool to have in this vacant building? Add it in the comment section.

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