Yet another sign that summer is coming in HOT here in Portland, Maine: Reggae Sunday out on Peak's Island is officially back. I'm excited about it. Are you?

Starting this Memorial Day weekend, Jone's Landing's favorite summer tradition (and many other mainer's favorites) is back this Sunday Funday.

This long, beautiful weekend kicks off yet another Reggae Sunday season.

CHEERS to it being warm enough to take the ferry out of Portland Harbor over to Peak's Island where you can sip a frozen pina colada and hit the dance floor on the waterfront with your friends.

I love a good dance floor.

Some of my favorite summer memories come from these Sunday Fundays they throw, including jumping off the dock into the water (which, may I suggest you do not to follow my lead).

Stay ON the island because not only do they have an AWESOME lineup of live music.

but there's also delicious food from interesting food trucks:

refreshing cold cocktails at every bar:

and they also have Maine's premier Reggae Band, Stream Reggae coming back this season for their 20th year!

SO, with all that being said, you've got a chance to go party on an island every Sunday until Labor Day!

Don't be like me and keep telling yourself "ill make it next Sunday" and then summer ends and there's no more Sunday Fundays left.

What events are you looking for this summer? There's so many to choose from, and I'm hoping to get to do a bunch of them.

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