Over the past few months, the Brown Street railroad bridge, which carries CSX Transportation trains over to the Sappi Mill in Westbrook, has been hit when drivers of over-height vehicles have tried to pass under it. According to the Westbrook Police Department's Facebook page, one of those drivers was arrested.

This is the bridge that is quickly becoming as infamous as the Auburn Walmart pole.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As you can see by the sign on the right side of the road, the clearance under this bridge is 11 feet, five inches. That doesn't stop vehicles from going under, but the bridge certainly stops them.

On Tuesday, an Atlantic Transport System truck was opened up like a tin can when it was too high to clear the 11'5" height of the bridge. The result wasn't pretty, and it took crews some time to get that truck (or what's left of it) out from under the bridge.

The Westbrook Police Department shared the above post on their police Facebook page, with some simple education.

The Bridge on Brown Street is not new. Truck drivers - do your homework if you are driving on Brown Street to make sure you can make the clearance. Those yellow signs showing the clearance are quite helpful.
They went on to say that the driver of the Atlantic Transport System, which now has a very large, permanent sunroof, was arrested and charged with Operating after Suspension and Violation of Conditions of Release, and was also arrested on an unrelated arrest warrant. No other details about the driver were released in the post.
I think it's safe to say that the driver won't be behind the wheel of a truck again anytime soon.

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