Friends Experience Boston

For the last few months, New Englanders from all over that are also massive fans of the iconic and still-running-on-several-channels-in-syndication show, Friends, have been PIVOTing (get it?) to Boston to celebrate their love for the show.

The Friends Experience has been set up on Newbury Street in Boston since mid-May, with your opportunity to not only check out fully detailed sets like Chandler and Joey's apartment, Monica's kitchen, and Central Perk, but also hop in the middle of legendary scenes like the above-referenced 'PIVOT!' scene with Ross, Chandler, and Rachel.

Red Sox Theme Nights

Throughout the season, both to give fans an experience outside of just taking in a ballgame at America's most beloved ballpark while chowing down on Fenway Franks and peanuts and washing them all down with overpriced beers, the Red Sox organization puts on special theme nights to bring additional fun and experiences to fans.

And on Tuesday, August 13, fans of both the Sox and the show Friends are about to live their best lives.

Friends via YouTube / Monster via Youtube
Friends via YouTube / Monster via Youtube

Friends Turkey Head Scene

There are tons of iconic scenes from the show Friends -- again, the aforementioned 'PIVOT!' scene, the battle for the apartment, Ross and Rachel's first kiss, the Thanksgiving football game -- there's too many to list.

One of those scenes also involves Thanksgiving -- a scene where, in typical Joey Tribbiani fashion, he gets the Thanksgiving turkey randomly stuck on his head.

Red Sox 'Friends' Night

And it's that very scene that the Red Sox are focusing in on for that earlier mentioned Tuesday, August 13, game at Fenway against the Texas Rangers, because fans will receive a bobblehead of Wally the Green Monster wearing a turkey head with every purchase!

And with The Friends Experience still being super popular in Boston, along with the Friends-themed night the Sox have planned -- who knows, maybe some popular stars or characters from the show will make an appearance?

(Author's Note: That's not a teaser -- it's not officially known if they will or not, just speculation and more so trying to manifest it.)

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