183 years ago, this bridge was constructed in Maine and is still standing and operational today, according to MaineDOT. It had a few minor reconstructive surgeries, but that can happen when you're almost two centuries old. A little nip here, a little tuck there, and we're good.

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce you to Babbs Bridge on Hurricane Road in Gorham, Maine. Let's call her Babbs for short. Get this, this bridge stands as Maine's oldest covered bridge.

How did the bridge get its name? From the Babbs family who lived nearby, according to Maine.gov.

Tragically, the original structure fell victim to arson in 1973. That prompted a replication crafted from locally sourced lumber in Gorham.

MaineDOT meticulously oversaw the reconstruction, and what's even more interesting is that instead of doing this the modern way, they employed historic techniques to restore the Queenpost truss bridge. Then it reopened to traffic in 1976.

There were a few more updates in 2014/2015, according to the report, and the legendary bridge was open again to the public for travel and appreciation. Below is an amazing look at this bridge via drone footage from Raw Foot Media on YouTube.

Exploring the tales of historic bridges – where weary travelers once passed with their buggies and wagons – gives all of us a time-traveling glimpse into the past. The bridge was built by hands that never held a smartphones. What were their lives like?

There's a certain charm in discovering the rich history of Maine, where each structure carries stories of the past. If you're intrigued, visit Babbs Bridge, at 143-150 Hurricane Road in Gorham, according to Google Maps.

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