While both medical-use and recreational-use cannabis is legal in the Pine Tree State, growers and sellers must still have the proper licenses in order to be in business.

For one Maine marijuana farm, that allegedly wasn't the case.

According to an article by WGME 13, Maine officials said they destroyed more than a million dollars worth of illegally grown marijuana in the town of Wilton, Maine.

The news station reported that Wilton Police Department, with the assistance of the Maine Office of Cannabis, was at a location in the Wilton area performing a follow-up inspection at a licensed cannabis facility on Weld Road.

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While authorities were there, they got word that there was another building on the same piece of property that was not licensed to be growing marijuana, according to WGME.

Inspectors decided to check that building out while they were there, and that's when they found more than 1200 illegally grown pot plants, the news station reported.

WGME said that Wilton PD along with the Maine Cannabis Office, destroyed all of the unlicensed plants. They say that the combined value of all the plants was north of $1,000,000.


The news station also went on to report that the owner of the property is not connected to the marijuana grow facility. This indicates that the owners of the plants likely rent or lease the property for their operation.

At this time, the names of those involved are being withheld from the public while the investigation is ongoing by state officials.

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