Have you ever done IV therapy? My first experience with this was after a particularly long and alcohol-infused evening in Nashville, Tennessee. I was there celebrating my bachelorette, and all of us gals woke up on Sunday morning feel like an 18-wheeler had run us over. Overindulging can result in that, sometimes.

When we were walking to get coffee to try and get rid of the marching band in our craniums, we saw an IV bar. We had only heard about these and seen them in reality TV shows, so to see one in real life felt like a shining beacon of hope. We bombarded the place and the receptionist took one look at our desperate, hungover faces and was kind enough to fit us in the schedule. Our veins were pumped with all the vitamins and nutrients we had been lacking. DEHYDRATION, BEGONE! We felt brand spankin' new, and were ready to take on another day in music city.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

This was back in 2018. IV bars are much more commonplace now, especially in big cities. DRIPBaR, an IV vitamin therapy franchise, is opening tons of locations across the country. The brand is opening their first-ever New Hampshire location this Monday, September 18, on 77 Hanover St, central to the heart of downtown Portsmouth.

The business will be owned and operated by Candace Byrnes, who was born and raised in the area and is now opening her first location as a franchisee in her Seacoast community.

Prior to joining The DRIPBaR family, Byrnes worked more than 20 years with Planet Fitness, and played a huge role in awarding and opening over 2,000 Planet Fitness locations throughout the U.S. and globally.

The DRIPBaR is a franchise focused on helping people live their best lives and obtain their best physical and mental health using intravenous therapies. Through advances in cellular and biological science, The DRIPBaR helps clients fight the consequences of chronic illness, address the effects of aging, and achieve balanced wellness.

The new Portsmouth location will have unique offerings such as red light therapy, Halo Salt Therapy, and other additional special services coming in the near future. Each DRIPBaR location offers over 20 IV Lifestyle or Health Support drips including the Jet Setter, Time Machine, Restoration, Flu Fighter, and High C. All IV drips are handled by registered nurses under the guidance of a licensed medical director.

To learn more about The DRIPBaR in Portsmouth, visit their website.

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