Sometimes I like scrolling the "missed connections" section of Craigslist. I feel like it gives me this weird look into the human experience. Who is catching whose eyes? Where are these people meeting? What piqued interest, to begin with?

Sometimes the stories are absurd, sketchy, even.

This one, however, was rather touching.

It takes place in Winslow, Maine at Pleau's Market. The woman who posted, we'll call her Jill, was grocery shopping with her daughter.

At check-out, her heart sank. Her card was declined. Who hasn't been there? It's embarrassing and could even be scary if you were sure there was money in the account. The man behind her was kind enough to offer to purchase the groceries for Jill and her daughter.

Jill was ultimately too proud to accept the generous offer but once leaving the store she was full of regret. The man she describes as having "guaged [sic] ears and a small red truck" touched her heart with his kindness.

She's hoping he'll see her post and maybe they could get together for a date! She notes that how they met would be an unbelievably touching story if they worked out.

Check out her post below:


If anyone knows who this sweet mystery man might be pass along the story! You could play a part in one of the most epic love stories in Maine!

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