I remember going to Story Land with my family back in the day and was finally able to relive some of the same experiences there this past weekend as an adult. Of, course some things are different now and there are newer attractions, like the Roar-o-saurus, it was still an amazing night that was full of new memories.

In case you were not aware, Story Land has Nostalgia Nights every Saturday night in the month of July. This is a time that only adults 21+ are able to enter the park and enjoy all that Story Land has to offer. You can relive old memories, show your friends where you first saw Cinderella, or even just explore the park for the first time ever.

There was so much to do and see. Honestly, I had forgotten how big Story Land actually was (which is crazy because I was a lot smaller when I went). Story Land's Nostalgia Nights started at 6 pm, but you are able to get in at 5 pm, and it goes until 10 pm. So I had plenty of time to walk around, go on rides, and take all of Story Land in.

It was amazing walking back through the gates of Story Land. Being able to once again see the old woman that lived in a shoe (yes, the old lady was actually there too), along with many other nursery rhymes and storybook characters.

Many things really made Story Land's Nostalgia Night a hit. First off, as I mentioned before it is an adult-only event. Secondly, there were adult beverages being offered. Additionally, there was a fun unplugged magic show that definitely kept me on my toes and the lines for the attractions were not long.

I don't know if it was taking a horse-drawn pumpkin ride to Cinderella's castle or what, but Nostalgia Night was a magical event that I definitely want to go back to.

Interested in finding out more about Story Land's Nostalgia Nights? You can here.

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Inside Look at Story Land's Nostalgia Nights

Story Land is having their Nostalgia Nights every Saturday this month, and I finally got to go. 

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