When campsites or dry weather prohibit fires, don't make them. That's the lesson an illegal fire-starter hopefully learned on the Schoodic peninsula campground in Acadia earlier this week.

The fire spread after they failed to fully extinguish it, damaging the campsite of roughly 750 square feet and bringing in firefighters and park responders from surrounding town to battle it into submission.

Fires are not allowed in walk-in sites, park spokeswoman Christie Anastasia told the Bangor Daily News.

Rangers are still trying to figure out who the starter of the fire was to press charges, reports BDN. The fire was called in late Tuesday afternoon and was finally extinguished around 8:15pm.

Firefighters evacuated neighboring campsites and foot traffic was limited in the area to keep pathways clear for water transportation.

Anastasia told BDN the perpetrator may have been a walk-in camper or someone using the site illegally, but starting a fire is prohibited either way.

Acadia rangers have dealt with illegal fires damaging sites before, such as an illegal campsites fire that burned a fifth of an acre in June.

The moral of the story here? If you're sleeping in the woods, book a legal campsite that has proper support for a fire, or bring layers and head to bed early!

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