Pardon us while we jump up on our soapbox for a minute, but before we ALL had this incredible technology at our fingertips, information wasn't always super easy to find. So if you grew up in Lewiston in the 80's and 90's, there was one particular phone number you learned to memorize. And it was for a very good reason.


That was the number you could dial anywhere, anytime, to get the date, current time and outdoor temperature. It may sound like silly nonsense to all of us today, but for many Lewiston/Auburn residents that didn't have television, it was a vital number to their day planning. What's even more wild? That number STILL WORKS TODAY. Go ahead, try it out.

And if you were hardcore when it came to dialing that number back in the day, you could even hang on the line after receiving all the vital information and talk to other real people, all local. That feature has now been disabled.

Other towns and cities across Maine also had their own time and temperature number

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