What's better than a hot dog, drink, and Sea Dog Biscuit while you're kicked back inside Hadlock Field watching the Sea Dogs (ideally) go yard and rattle of a bunch of 1-2-3 innings?

A FREE hot dog, drink, Sea Dog Biscuit, and ticket to see the Sea Dogs crush the competition inside of Hadlock Field. And that's something you can score next week at the field!

According to the Portland Sea Dogs Official website, on Thursday, June 10, the Sea Dogs are teaming with Northern Light Mercy Hospital for a vaccination clinic at Hadlock Field from 5p-7p. Anyone who shows up to get vaccinated (it's not known yet whether it will be Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson) next Thursday during those hours will, in turn, not only help Maine take another baby step closer to normalcy, but will also receive a voucher for a FREE hot dog, water, Sea Dog Biscuit, and ticket to a future Sea Dogs game.

Honestly, no matter how you feel about the vaccine/getting vaccinated, it's really amazing to see how the community has stepped up to protect and look out for each other during this whole mess. During the holidays, strangers paid for random Mainers' groceries. Mainers with the means to order out multiple times a week would in fact do so to help struggling local restaurants and bars.

And now we have the local businesses giving those Mainers who want to get vaccinated, an option to do so with some pretty sweet incentives for it. Earlier this week, Becky's Diner on Commercial Street held a two-day vaccination clinic where everyone who showed up to be vaccinated received a $15 gift card to Becky's, and now the Sea Dogs are stepping up to help the cause.

We're getting closer and closer to normalcy every day. Let's keep up the momentum and keep moving forward!

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