This 'joy' duck showed up last year, but it wasn't windy.

There's not a lot of information about the 'joy' duck. No word on who is behind this huge massive duck with the simple message of joy. However, this year the message was 'greater joy'. Well, greater joy took a joy ride thanks to windy conditions, and these videos show that this duck can move!

This duck is so huge and so, well happy, that it got national attention last summer when it popped up in the harbor in August of 2021. It was a bit later this year and well, the winds were just too much for the mooring. Reports from News Center Maine say that witnesses think it was about noon when the duck decided to make its great escape which got lots of people to capture the grand escape!

Boats went to chase it but the winds were too strong and they couldn't grab the ropes. One report saw the duck in Blue Hill. The whereabouts of the giant happy rubber ducky are not known at this time. That is kinda crazy! We might through all this eventually find out who is behind the 'greater joy' giant duck after all! Because at some point, they might want that rubber ducky back. But first, you gotta find it! Where are you, rubber ducky? We should get detective Ernie on it since a rubber ducky is his best pal.

I'm pretty sure this isn't the last we've heard about or seen the giant duck. I guess we could let the air out of it...

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