It's a new year, and you want to try new things. Running with the bulls looks great on TV, but if the potential hospital bill isn't for you, hiking with goats might be a little more your speed.


Andy Austin Townsquare Media

First off, the insanity level is toned down a few notches. Plus, zero airfare. A quick trip to Gray, Maine's 10 Apple Farm recently had my girlfriend and I literally hiking with goats.


Andy Austin - Townsquare Media

10 Apple is a family farm. Your hosts are very accommodating in educating guests on the animals, the terrain you walk, and the farm itself. Hikes generally last a few miles. On the day we went, it was a max 6 degrees, and a long hike in the snow isn't safe for either the goats or humans.

Afterwards, stick around for goat milking, and sample goat products like cookies and cheese. Plus, make sure you get yourself a goat selfie.