Did you know that New Hampshire has over 800 lakes and 19,000 miles of rivers and streams, according to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services?

Living in the Granite State, we're really lucky to have such gorgeous scenery around us. From mountains to rivers, beaches, forests, and oceans, we've got it all, and tourists love coming here to experience our beautiful state firsthand.

We previously chatted about the deepest and longest lakes and rivers in New Hampshire, aka Lake Winnipesaukee and the Connecticut River, respectively. But among these bodies of water, which river is the most dangerous?

Enter Drivin' & Vibin', a website focused on RV camping in the US. They recently published this article detailing the most dangerous rivers in the country, one of which is right here in our backyard. Coming at #4 on the list is the Merrimack River.

Aerial View Over Manchester New Hampshire Merrimack River

The US EPA says that the Merrimack, located in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, is 5,010 square miles, and "includes all or parts of approximately 200 communities, with almost 2.6 million people." According to Drivin' & VIbin', here's why the Merrimack River isn't safe:

...A massive amount of water feeds into a narrow channel causing strong currents. As still as it may seem, near Canterbury, New Hampshire, people have lost their lives due to the currents.  In 2006, the river flooded at over 58 feet and 68.4 feet in 1936. Due to the roughness of the water where the river meets the Gulf, small boats have capsized. One report shows nine people fell into the water, and passing military ships rescued them.

So take note, friends. If you were somehow planning on going for a swim or taking a lil' boat out on the river, maybe it's best to pass on that idea.

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