Super Bowl Sunday is about watching football, getting together with friends and family, eating delicious food, and enjoying compelling commercials, right? Between all the food and alcohol, how many calories do you think you will consume today? Do you even want to know? If you do, read on…

Super Bowl Sunday may just be the second biggest eating day of the year …after Thanksgiving, of course. The average football fan will eat 10,821 calories and 180 grams of saturated fat, according to research done by "Lets Get Checked" via PR Newswire, an at-home health testing and insights company. The study indicates that 19 different foods will be eaten. By the way, the near 11,000 calories is more than four times what doctors recommend.

Interestingly enough, 94.9 HOM recently asked its listeners in a Facebook poll if they go to Super Bowl parties to watch the game or for the food. With 214 votes, the answer was overwhelmingly food by 71%.

Obviously, eating is an important part of our Super Bowl Sunday festivities. It only happens once a year, so enjoy the traditional party foods. Then, hit the gym tomorrow.

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