After a decade off the shelves, Jones Soda revives something that has been missed. Wait, has it been missed?


Have you ever had Jones Soda? They are famous for having some pretty funky flavors. According to AdWeek, they have flavors like Bug Juice and Blue Bubblegum. But for years, they were most known for the Turkey and Gravy soda just before the big day in November.

It was not good. It was pretty terrible. Since they stopped making this over a decade ago, did they change it to make it taste better? Well, according to Jones Soda they did tweak the Turkey and Gravy a little bit. But not sure if it's any better.

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It's kind of the point of the drink - that it's a challenge to try it! It's back this week! So why come back after all this time? Well, according to AdWeek, they are looking to create some buzz for the company after 25 years in business. Plus, there's a whole generation that's never tried it!

Jones Soda also does some neat things like put your face on a bottle. Look at this young DJ.



They are just trying to get remembered. Plus, it's nostalgic, and that's big right now. If you want a piece of that nostalgia, you gotta move quickly. There will be only 35,000 bottles.  The first time Turkey and Gravy Jones Soda was around, it made a big splash thanks to radio. Don't worry - I've already asked for some to give away. We shall see if they say yes.



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