As someone who parks in paid spots on the street in Portland just about every day, I was excited to hear that the city would be rolling out a new app that you could use to pay for your parking. Unfortunately, I won't be using it.


The signs went up this week with instructions on how to download the app, as well as numbers for the various parking zones across the city. So I downloaded the app, and went through the process of setting it up. I entered all of my information, including my license plate number and method of payment. When I got to the end to finally pay for my parking via the app for the first time, it told me that there is a 25 cent service fee each time you use the app to pay. Seriously?

Now I know that doesn't sound like much, but think about it...that could add up. I usually buy parking three times a day, so that's .75. That adds up to 3.75 a week, or $15 a month to use the app, in addition to the crazy amount of money I already pay for parking. Also, the parking time limit hasn't changed...which means I still have to go down and move my car every two hours!

If the city really wanted people to use the app, they'd offer some kind of a discount on parking, rather than make people pay more. Or better yet, extend the two hour parking limit.

This whole thing reminds me that now that the weather is nice, I really should just be taking my bike into work instead.

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