Santa's Message Hotline is back!

Last year, we kicked "Santa's Hotline" up a notch and instead of giving only one kiddo across Northern New England a chance to speak directly to "The Big Man" each week, we connected multiple children with Santa Claus multiple times per week!

And thanks to our friends at White Mountain Oil and Propane, we're doing the same thing again this year, starting next Tuesday, November 30!

Jani Bryson

Here's how to have Santa deliver a message directly to your child (or children!)

Want your child (or even all of your children, if you have more than one!) to receive a personalized message from Santa Claus that will be heard during Jadd in the Morning on 94.9 HOM? First thing you need to do is make sure you download our free 94.9 HOM app -- not only will you be able to take your Official Christmas Music Station with you anywhere, but you'll need it to reach out and set up a connection with Santa!

As soon as you have the app downloaded, look midway down the screen for an icon that says "MESSAGE US" (look in the area circled by the yellow highlighter below -- if you don't see the icon there, click on the arrow on the right to access more icons.)


From there, just tell us that you want Santa to send a personalized message to your child(ren), and we'll reach out to take care of it from there!

Also, if it's easier to send us a message to our inbox on our Facebook page, feel free to do that, too! Then be sure to listen to Jadd in the Morning every single Tuesday and Thursday from Tuesday, November 30 through Thursday, December 16 for the entire 7a hour to hear if Santa is delivering a personalized message to your kiddo(s)!

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