Last month, we shared with you 9 new food trucks that were confirmed to be hitting Portland around the spring and summer time. As if that wasn't awesome enough since food trucks are their own special kind of delicious (and super convenient), a handful more food trucks have been added to the list!

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According to Fox 23 Maine, a few more food trucks will start hitting the streets in Portland as early as next month -- everything from savory to sweet! Here's the breakdown:

Tacos Del Seoul - Are you a fan of Korean food? How about Mexican? Now fuse the two together, and BOOM, you have Tacos Del Seoul! While they hit different spots all over Southern Maine, they end to hang out at Fireside Inn & Suites in Portland on Wednesdays, as long as the weather cooperates.

Eighty8 Donuts - While they have a café (Eighty8 Donut Cafe) set up at Sugarloaf Mountain, their food truck (that they've adorably named "Rosie") dishes out the bite-sized, made-to-order donut deliciousness on the reg, topped with everything from sugar, frosting, or the always-loved bacon.

Hi Bar Bakery - What's better than Hi Bar Bakery? BRUNCH OUT OF A TRUCK from Hi Bar Bakery! That's looking like it's going to be a thing in just a few weeks, with a planned debut sometime in May. A brunch food truck? GENIUS.

Which new food truck that'll be cruising around Portland are you most excited for?

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