If you've spent a little time on Maine's subreddit, you know that anytime a question is posed, the answers can come back a little snarky. It's Maine, after all. So it's no surprise when a Redditor named sunfireshine asked for some suggestions on Maine-inspired baby names, the results were going to vary. Most of these were suggested by Redditor Guygan. Were they all bad? We'll let you decide.



"How did you decide on Allen for a name?" "We both absolutely love coffee brandy" "Ohhhhhh"



Of all the pristine rivers in Maine you could choose from to inspire a baby name, why not pick the most polluted?



This is Maine so there's no doubt in our minds that somehow the nickname for this kid would be Nob. Don't ask questions, just accept it.



Could be turned into Katie for short. But as one Redditor named bradt08 pointed out, it'll ruined in high school when boys try to mount...katahdin.



This is perfect if you're looking for the kind of name that your child will never forgive you for later in life. Right, Bess?



We're going to tread carefully with this name because there may actually be someone named this in The County.


This list is just a starting point. We know that there are many more Maine-inspired baby names out there ready to be shared. Speaking of that, throw us some of your ideas on our Facebook page.

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