Well, here is something you just don't see everyday. A horse going for a dip in a lake! When you think about it, most dogs like to cool off in the ocean or lake on a scorching hot day. That's where the doggie paddle came from! Why wouldn't a horse enjoy a nice dunk as well?

Hercules the swimming horse is a bit of a legend in the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee. This video was taken in Wolfeboro and posted a few weeks ago. Look at him go! HERCULES! HERCULES! (that is a Nutty Professor reference but if you don't get it I guess that's fine)

The person who initially posted this video on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page did so not because she thought it was precious or cool. She noticed what she believes to be saddle sores on the horse’s back and thinks the horse is being mistreated. MANY people piled on and agreed that those were indeed saddle sores and that the horse didn’t seem to be enjoying himself. I certainly don’t know enough about horses to comment. Anyone who does and thinks this is a true case of abuse should report it to the appropriate authorities. 

My only knowledge of horses comes from a movie called “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. This movie is what we call a DEEP CUT, it came out in 1991. I was three but completely OBSESSED with it. It was about this daredevil of a little girl who would ride horses off high dives. I know it was just a movie but the horses didn’t seem to mind. If anyone would like to watch this cinematic treasure I still own it on VHS. (Kidding, I wish I did)

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