A dog tag was found on an online marketplace selling World War II artifacts.

According to Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services, a former U.S. Navy Corpsman in Australia ended up purchasing some items which included the dog tag.

The individual reached out to the Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services after determining that the individual the tag belonged to was Benjamin Cox who was from Cumberland County and is buried at Mount Sinai Cemetary in Portland.

He reported that the tags had been dug up on a battlefield outside of Honiara which is the capital city of the Solomon Islands.

Honiara developed around U.S. military headquarters during World War II, according to Britannica. Nearby was the site of the Battle of Guadalcanal where U.S. marines launched an attack against Japanese troops in 1942, according to History.com.

The tags appear to have belonged to 2nd Lieutenant Benjamin Cox.

The Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services is hoping to reunite the tags with Cox's family. If you know any information call them at 207-430-6035 or email mainebvs@maine.gov

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