Without a doubt we've all encountered something like this, and generally on a highway. We're cruising up or down 95 or 295 (where it seems to happen the most, seemingly), and see a dark Ford Explorer. Or before that was a Ford Taurus. Or before that was a Ford Crown Victoria. Toss in a Dodge Charger in there somewhere, too.

Immediately, we tap on the brakes for no other reason than it's absolute habit. See a police car, tap the brakes. Even if your cruise control is set for the EXACT speed limit, you still tap the brakes because it's like an involuntarily reaction, like closing your eyes when you sneeze. Then, you realize it's just some common folk like yourself who is driving an old police cruiser, and your heart starts beating again.

Reddit user False_Code brought those feels to life again when posting what's turned out to be a bit of an iconic car in Maine, and more specifically the Southern Maine region.

Anyone else seen this cruising around southern maine? Always tricks me until i read the plate lmao from r/Maine

This is pretty similar to the "NO-COP" license plate that is seen driving around New Hampshire, but definitely doesn't have the folklore that this plate does. Because according to the comments section of this Reddit post, this plate has been a staple on the Maine roads for a while now.

"I remember seeing this plate on a blue Crown Vic on the Pike some years back. Best laugh I'd had in a while." - Reddit user WhiskyIsMyYoga.

"Aw they got an upgrade. That plate used to be on an old Crown Vic like 10 years ago. Good for them." - Reddit user B0ndzai.

I think we need to appreciate this driver's dedication to this license plate. If he or she has had the "NOTACOP" plate for at least a decade, that's at least a decade of purchasing used police cars, strictly to be able to keep a vanity plate. If you want to follow in this driver's footsteps and own a used police vehicle, Thrillist wrote this article giving tips and tricks and do's and don'ts to purchasing one.

Sometimes it's the simple things in life -- like the equal parts relief and joy out of thinking you're about to get bagged for speeding on the highway, only to look up and see that the black Ford Explorer in front of you is indeed "NOTACOP" and you're safe to give it some gas once again.

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