This might very well be one of the most Maine things to do, based on craftiness and just the overall will and desire to even attempt it.

We're still pretty much inside the window of tree tapping season, and according to Alliance Landscaping, the best time to start tapping your tree is between late February and mid-March, due to the temperatures hitting freezing in the overnight, but above freezing during the day. That creates the heaviest flow for syrup to run through trees, out the tap and into your bucket.

But, you have to wonder -- is the same true for tapping other liquids? And not even from trees, but from anything that's tappable (I don't even think that's a word, but we'll make it up in this case, considering WHAT was just tapped in Westbrook.)

Telephone pole Tap from r/Maine

Yes, that's 100% a telephone pole being tapped for water after a rain. And the craziest part -- focus in on the gallon jug. IT LOOKS LIKE IT ACTUALLY WORKS. That gallon is easily 1/3 of the way filled! And not only does the fact that tapping a telephone pole for water actually works amazing (for the record, there's a huge chunk of me that thinks this is totally staged, so don't think I'm THAT gullible), but the comments section from this post on Reddit is equally amazing.

"That syrup must be phoney." - Reddit user adventurelounger

"I'm not sure I'd call that syrup." - Reddit user spandexcatsuit

"That's one way to tap your phones." - Reddit user sandyfinns

Honestly, whether or not this actually works or is even safe, can we just focus in on the fact that for seemingly once on social media, users had FUN with a post instead of completely burying it and going off on a hateful tangent?

Mainers for the win!

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