Even if you've spent your entire life in Maine, there are still corners of this state that will surprise you. Little unique things that bring communities together without any real answer on how or why they started. One of those unique things exists in the small town of Moscow, where a giant wall of birdhouses sits along a stretch of busy roadway.

Reddit via BKofCounted
Reddit via BKofCountedSorrows

Shared on Reddit by BKofCountedSorrows, the unique birdhouse wall startles a lot of people who drive by it for the first time. But the more time you spend looking at it, the more questions are likely to come up. The most obvious of those questions is likely to be, "who created this thing?". The answer to that question is still shrouded in some mystery.

According to Downeast Magazine, the birdhouse wall is believed to have started almost a decade ago with a single, solitary blue birdhouse on the retaining wall in 2011. As the years passed, more birdhouses began to show up on the wall with new, inventive creations. There's a birdhouse in the shape of a ship with full sail. There's a church-shaped birdhouse, even a birdhouse hotel. And they're not just made of wood either. Everything from old license plated to construction grade hard hats were used to create these works of art. It seems that these birdhouses are not the work of just one individual, but a group of individuals installing new birdhouses when they get a chance.

But what about the birds? One would assume that a wall of birdhouses would attract flocks of birds but as it turns out, it doesn't. The birds have stayed away and the birdhouse wall serves more as a sense of community than a hub for avian activity. There are more than 100 different birdhouses attached to this retaining wall on Route 201 in Moscow right now.

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