The Time and Temp building is haunted? Maybe that's why the time is wrong a lot?The Time And Temp Building: According to reports a female haunts this well known building at 477 Congress St. The elevator often goes to the wrong floors and workers have reported seeing a woman who they try to speak to and she vanishes. The building was erected in 1924.

The McLellan-Sweat House: located on 95 Spring St., is said to be haunted by Capt. Asa Clapp who rented the home from my relative Capt. Jacob McLellan Mayor of Portland in the 1800's. Cold spots, apparitions and unexplained footsteps have been heard throughout the home. You can tour the house through The Portland Museum of Art (7 Congress St).

The University Of Southern Maine: Located at 96 Falmouth St in Portland, The Robie Dorm is said to have up to five spirits haunting, including the apparition of a young female said to have taken her own life in the 1800's after her boyfriend left her when she told him she was pregnant...stupid boys!

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