As you most likely have heard, the Blue Angels will be returning to Maine September 4-5, 2021 at the Brunswick Executive Airport and tickets are still available! I know that’s where I will be this weekend.

The Blue Angels began in the 1940s. They were created “in order to raise the public's interest in naval aviation and boost Navy morale.” Sometime in the 1980s we were lucky enough to have them come to Maine as part of the Great State of Maine Air Show and they been thrilling old and young alike ever since.

I have always been enthralled by the Blue Angels, ever since I was a young boy dreaming of one day becoming one of their pilots. We all know how that ended, but the thrill and excitement surrounding these pilots has never stopped for me. As a boy I grew up with my dad bringing me to the air shows. Back then, the shows were free and everyone would bring their coolers and picnics to tailgate in the parking lot. This was obviously Pre 9/11 and isn’t an option now, but it does bring back fond memories.

We would have the opportunity to sit in planes and meet the pilots. To me, it was like meeting royalty. The day was filled with good food, exploring planes and watching various aerial stunts leading up to the big show.

Finally, after what at that time seemed forever, the Blue Angels performed. I can still hear the roar of the engines as they flew overhead. And they never disappointed.

You have the opportunity to be part of that excitement. To hear the roar and watch in amazement. And if you’re like me, maybe relive a part of your childhood.

The Great State of Maine Air Show is coming to the former Brunswick Naval Air Station in Brunswick this weekend. See ya there!

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