Who doesn't love a good Maine ghost story?  This one comes from my old stomping ground near Biddeford Pool.

Wood Island light house is located less than a mile from Biddeford Pool. It’s a 35 acre island with stunning views and amazing vistas. It’s also known for its heartwarming story regarding one of the lighthouse keepers dogs, Sailor. Sailor learned how to ring the bell and greet boats that were passing by the lighthouse much to the everyone’s delight.

But today’s story takes a bit of a more sinister turn. It starts with a debt owed, add excessive amounts of alcohol and a deadly mixture was created.

A couple of young men that lived on the island went out drinking on the mainland. When they came back they confronted the landlord they rented their shack from. The landlord was concerned one of the young man was waving a rifle around and when he tried to check to see if it was loaded, he was shot point blank in his chest. He died not even an hour later. The young man that shot him was so stricken with grief and regret that he took his own life that same night. It is said that the young man still haunts the lighthouse and is filled with great remorse for the death of his landlord.

There has been at least one other suicide on the silent perhaps caused by the isolation the fisherman felt while living there. Many people state they hear voices when no one is there. Sometimes it’s a voice of a woman, possibly the landlords young wife, Still searching for answers. Today the tranquility of this island is cluttered only by its tragic  past and perhaps the still lingering ghostly inhabitants.

Feel free to check it out....if you dare.

The Abandoned Central Maine Sanatorium

In operation from about 1914 until 1970, the sickest TB patients in Maine were sent to this sanatorium in Central Maine. After the final TB patients left, it was used as a hospital for alcoholics and as a nursing home. Its final chapter ended in 2001. Check out a video of the exploration of the building HERE
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