You never – I repeat, never – know what you’re going to see in New Hampshire.

I was reminded of this while driving along Hampton Beach when I noticed what appeared to be a DeLorean parked along The Wall near North Beach. Wondering if I had in fact spotted the car made famous by the 1985 film Back to the Future, I circled back around on a few side streets.

Back on Ocean Boulevard, I exclaimed, “Great Scott!” It wasn’t just one DeLorean: there was an entire row of them, lined up one after the other, with license plates such as “OUTTATIME” and “NOT DOC.” I had to stop and ask questions.

Rineman Photo.
Rineman Photo.

I met a nice gentleman named Adam, who informed me the cars belonged to members of a group called Northeast Region DeLoreans, or, “NERD.” Similar to a motorcycle club, these Marty McFly fans live in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, and share a love for the DeLorean.

The "gang" formed in 2020 after a chance encounter on the highway. They have a private Facebook group, and would-be members are asked to provide their VIN numbers as proof they're tried-and-true DeLorean owners.

Otherwise, you can enjoy the New England connections to Back to the Future, like Michael J. Fox convincing a Bruins legend not to push back on his trade to Boston, and Christopher Lloyd growing up in Connecticut and honing his skills at summer theaters in Hyannis. Or, Maine's Stephen King borrowing a key plot point in his greatest novel.

As for my friends from “NERD,” it’s not a matter of where they are; but when they are…

To hear my full interview with Adam and Mike from NERD, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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