I couldn't be happier that this was the ending for this situation, especially since this involves one of the most purely GOOD families in the country -- probably the world -- nevermind just New Hampshire or even the Seacoast in general.

I've known the Lilyestrom family for a few years now. I first met Amber Lilyestrom when I was lucky enough to be able to host some intermission shenanigans during a UNH Men's Hockey game at the Whitt. For whatever reason, I was SUPER nervous, and she cracked jokes and just calmed me right down. And POOF, that was the start of our friendship. I met her husband, Ben, through her. Ben used to be a Dover Police Officer, and one of the best, honestly -- always about enforcing good and helping the community.

They have an adorable daughter named Annika, who is the subject of the good karma that came back around noted in the title of this article. Because over the weekend, somehow, Annika lost her beloved "Kitty" somewhere in downtown Portsmouth. Naturally, like any parent would, Amber and Ben both went crazy trying to track down Kitty.

Amber Lilyestrom via Facebook
Amber Lilyestrom via Facebook

THANKFULLY, the next day, while once again trekking through Downtown Portsmouth trying to find it, what was sitting on a granite post in Market Square? KITTY! Amber wrote a message of gratitude (that actually got a TON of love and comments) in The (un)Official City of Portsmouth, NH group on Facebook.

Thank you to the kind soul who placed our daughter’s beloved stuffed kitty on the granite post in Market Square after she lost it in town yesterday. I cannot tell you the relief we felt in seeing it there today after almost 24 hours of it being missing.
We so appreciate this community and the small acts of kindness that often go unnoticed. 🙏🏻 This meant a great deal to our family.
Little things like this are the big things. 💛

For a family that does and brings a lot of good to others, they deserved this good in return. And so does whoever found Kitty and put her on that granite post in Market Square for Amber and Ben to find. It's like paying it forward in a drive thru line or even holding a door open -- like Amber said in her post: little things are the big things.

This is just the PRIME example of what I say all the time when I mention that no one looks out for their own like New Englanders. Something as simple as finding a stuffed animal and propping it up near where it was lost is the most Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont thing ever. Let's all keep doing more of that.

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