Still standing at 150 years old, it’s no surprise that there may be paranormal activity within Maine’s historic Fort Knox.

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, it’s believed that a few spirits haunt this paranormal place. If you’re a fan of the Long Island Medium or you’re a bit of a ghost hunter yourself, you can be the judge on a five-hour ghost tour in the middle of the night.

207 Paranormal is a group of paranormal researchers who lead ghost tours through the allegedly haunted fort, as stated in the article. They use special equipment to detect paranormal activity and measure the presence of spirits with small groups of ghost explorers like yourself.

Paul Wolfe, a member of 207 Paranormal, shared with the Press Herald that a few men are believed to haunt the grounds, including a man who accidentally blew himself up smoking a cigar as they were building the fort.

On a recent tour, a signal was picked up in a room believed to be visited regularly by the same spirit named “Mike”, (not the most intimidating spirit name, but Mike could be merciless for all I know). A woman on the tour was holding one of their hand-held trackers when it started lighting up several times, indicating the presence of a spirit, as recalled in the Press Herald’s article.

Although spirits have allegedly made themselves known in the fort through signals and audible footsteps, the researchers let their tours know they can't guarantee an encounter.

So... Do you believe?

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