Halloween has been around for years, and finding the best costume is the goal of the holiday. In today's world, Halloween costumes have come a long way. Masks look more realistic than ever, you can be any type of 'slutty' character, and DIYer's are more creative than ever. But way back when, people didn't have these resources. Costume masks were very basic, and so were the costumes. Which to me know, look even creepier than today's. Those old photos in black and white, the kids and family standing together; looks like it's straight from a horror film. Their old costumes and looks are haunting. I get the chills looking at these pictures for Instagram. LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Join us for our spook Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash October, 29th at the Portland Expo! Live music, Grittys Beer and Cocktails, and a costume contest. 


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