There were many reasons why the summer of 2020 just didn't feel right in Maine. One of them being the absence of fun for so many people. Specifically Funtown/Splashtown, as the amusement park made the decision to shudder the 2020 season early in the pandemic.

But as vaccination rates continue to climb and infection rates continue to decrease, Funtown/Splashtown took to Facebook to announce some exciting news.

They'll be open for the 2021 season.

Within the heartfelt post, Funtown explains that they've been working diligently to formulate an opening plan that they are presenting to the state of Maine. Within that plan, both Funtown and Splashtown will open in 2021 but guests will see a few changes within the parks.

Social distancing markers, perhaps a few empty seats on rides as well as hand sanitizing stations throughout the park. Picnic areas will be spaced out more and Splashtown will have fewer lounge chairs in the hope people can keep a fair distance from one another.

Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA

There will be other changes as well. Under their proposed plan, both Funtown and Splashtown will be open for shorter hours during the summer.

Additionally, visitors will see fewer park dates for May and June than previous years. Masks will also be mandated inside the park, from guests as well as employees.

Facebook via Funtown/Splashtown

Funtown/Splashtown does note, as you'll see many businesses do this. that this protocols could change as the weeks and months pass.

If Maine gives the go ahead to change safety measures, Funtown/Splashtown will adjust accordingly.

The big takeaway is that it's going to be time to have some fun this summer. You ready?

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