When you were growing up, Halloween was a big deal. It was the night that you and your friends would run wild, wearing you best costume ever, and collecting as much candy as possible. The banks and grocery stores would give away plastic bags, and you would stretch it as far as you could for that candy. You would always avoid the dentists house, cause you knew every year it was a toothbrush for you, and an apple. YUCK! And, you always knew that the 'rich houses' had the best candy; the name brand kind. Then, after you went to every house you could, ya'll would head home to begin the trading. First, separating every candy into it's own pile. So, you could see it clearly; what you want to keep, and what to trade. You had to mind your candy, remember what you want to keep, set it aside. Then, try to trade those nasty gum drops for something chocolate. For me, I was stingy! LOL

Aren't you curious to know, what is each state's favorite Halloween candy then?


And, Halloween is not just for the kids! It's a time for us grown ups to get out, dress up, and party! Come do that at our Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash, October 29th at the Portland Expo!

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