Most of us have been living in what seems like a science-fiction movie where we can't find the off-switch for several months now. While some people's day-to-day hasn't changed much except for wearing masks in public; the coronavirus pandemic has completely destroyed the lives of others. We have lost loved ones, our freedom and livelihoods, and our morale. Some are coping just fine, while many of us are struggling for various reasons. However, even people who are doing well look for things that make them happy.

Earlier, I was reading a list on Express of the top things that can instantly put a smile on our faces. The highlights include listening to music, quality time with family, hearing good news, and a funny joke.

Pizza isn't on the list, but surprises are. Normally, I don't like surprises; but this one is an exception: A good friend sent me a pizza out of the blue. The pie came from Pizzaiolo in Portland, Maine, and it was just what I needed -- comfort food to cure my COVID blues. Pepperoni, mushrooms, and ricotta cheese. Perfect.

Pizza Box

Friends like this should be number one on the list of the top things that instantly put a smile on our faces. It sure did for me.

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