Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial goodbye to summer for most in Maine, and that usually includes the people who visit Vacationland in its warmest months. So what do you do when this might be your last trip to Maine for a little while? Your order one of your favorite meals of course!

That's exactly what former President George W. Bush did over the weekend, calling in a special delivery to Walker's Point from a Kennebunkport favorite. Shared on Facebook by The Clam Shack, George and former First Lady Laura enjoyed a heaping pile of delicious fried seafood courtesy of the restaurant. Pretty exciting for any restaurant to deliver food to a former President. Believe it or not, that wasn't the only well-known person to visit The Clam Shack over the holiday weekend.

So did Luis Tiant, the famous Boston Red Sox pitcher, who appeared to be enjoyed the same fried seafood platter as former President Bush. Tiant even left the owner of The Clam Shack a copy of the hurler's new book.

We've seen a ton of celebrities, professional athletes and dignitaries visit Maine this summer. Did you happen to spot anyone else of the holiday weekend? Let us know!


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