This is so heartbreaking for so many reasons.

After word of a mass shooting in South Carolina started making the rounds on Wednesday, it came out later yesterday that there is a New England connection involved.

Phillip Adams, who played for the New England Patriots for a total of six games in the 2011 season, is accused of killing five people in South Carolina, injuring a sixth, and later killing himself after evidence led police to his parents' house. According to CBS Boston, there's no motive yet known for the murder-suicide that happened in Rock Hill, SC.

CBS Boston via YouTube
CBS Boston via YouTube

CBS Boston says Phillip is accused of killing a well-known doctor in Rock Hill, Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, and even more tragically -- their two grandchildren, both under the age of 10. A fifth victim, a man who worked for the family, was found shot dead outside as well. It's not officially known if Dr. Lesslie had treated Phillip at all throughout his injury and concussion-plagued career or not.

Police followed the evidence at the crime scene all the way to Phillip's parents' house, and removed them from the scene. It's reported that they then spent some time trying to convince Phillip to leave the house and go with police, but at some point late on Wednesday night, a gunshot was heard and when police entered, they found Phillip dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

With all of the research and knowledge that's come out about concussions in the last few years, one could certainly assume that had a role to play in what happened, considering back in 2012, Phillip suffered two concussions in a three-game span. In fact, Phillip's father was quoted by a Charlotte TV station as blaming football for problems that his son had.

Surely, more information will trickle out about this horribly tragic event within the next few days, weeks, and probably even months. And it goes without saying that all the thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes go out to the families of everyone involved.

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