With the Coronavirus continuing to spread, many people are wondering how concerned or prepared we should be.

Should we be wearing masks? Stockpiling food? Avoiding highly populated areas?

While there haven't been any official specific instructions or warnings, Dora Anne Mills, former top Maine CDC official spoke out on her Facebook Wednesday morning to address concerns from her unique professional perspective.

She warned that the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 spreads quickly noting that every infected person spreads the virus, on average, to 2 to 3 others. It doesn't take a scientist to know that those numbers move quickly, hence the quarantines and travel restrictions nationwide.

Mills then goes on to discuss preparedness likening coronavirus prep to that of preparing for a blizzard, something us Mainers know all too well. She recommends stocking up on nonperishable food and supplies such as toiletries for 5 days at the very least, but preferably as long as 2 weeks.

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She also suggests talking to your employer about plans to work from home if need be if you become sick, but not to the point you need to be hospitalized. And really, the last thing your boss will want is for the whole office to get sick. It's also worth planning for childcare in the event schools are closed.

In the event someone in your household does get sick, Mills recommends preparing for isolation within the home, having face masks on hand as well as hand sanitizer, thermometers, rehydration liquids, soup, OTC medications such as fever reducers, soap, and other cleaning and health products.


She ends with tips that are just as important for flu season. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, cover your sneezes and coughs, and stay home if you're sick.

All in all, don't panic. Epidemics can fizzle out as quickly as they arrived but also be prepared. At the very least, there's nothing wrong with having a few extra groceries and supplies on hand, right?

Read Dora Ane Mills' detailed recommendations below:

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