Apparently the birds in South Portland aren't flying south because of the buffet of food!

In South Portland at Mill Creek Park, there are signs that tell you not to feed the water fowl. But now, according to the Portland Press Herald, the City Council pushed through an ordinance that would ban feeding geese, ducks, seagulls and any other bird that is in the water.

You could be fined $50 bucks for your first offense. And it could go to $250 dollars if you are a repeat offender.

It's not law yet, and there will be a public hearing, according to the Press Herald.

Why does South Portland hate ducks? Well, it's becoming a health hazard as a lot of these birds stick around year round because they are fed.

And feeding leads to pooping and that goes right into the water. It's time they found their own food. Plus...the food they are fed, is NOT their natural diet.

Despite what you may think, ducks don't normally feed on balled up pieces of Wonder Bread. All this human food can actually hurt them.

This should pass, because everyone is not thrilled with all the bird poop. It's time to let the birds be birds and find food on their own...

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