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I’ll just say it. It’s difficult to learn new things as an adult. To fully commit to something new. The time commitment, the cost, and all the distractions of life just get in the way. I personally struggle with this the most when I’m trying to teach myself something or pursue something independently without accountability.

As I get older the desire to be a more well-rounded person grows. I want to have fun and interests outside of my job. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking a college class here and there but even at a community college level, it can be expensive. I’ve wanted to attend various exercise classes but the times never seem to fit my schedule.

Recently I learned of a creative space in Portland whose mission is to foster learning, teaching, creativity, and growth.

Factory 3

Factory 3 is a space for makers located at 115 Saint James Street in Portland. From woodworkers to fashion designers, metal fabricators, and more. For the established maker one can join this space and have access to the beautiful and well-equipped facility to do what they do best, make!

In addition to the community-creating space, Factory 3 offers classes often taught by their own members.

Currently, they offer 15 different classes which you can read more about here. Class times do vary. It may be a 4-hour class on a Saturday or it may span the full weekend or span multiple weeks. These are the current offerings:

Intro To Woodshop
Intro To Welding
Intro To Sewing
Intro To Weaving
A Woven Journey
Creative Writing
Intro To 3D Printing
Fundamentals of Computer Aided Design
Engineering Workshop Hours
Welding 2
Lathe Turning Workshops
Hand-Cut Dovetails
Intro To Quilting
Fabric Upcycling Workshop
Sew Mentoring Hour

So, if you’re a maker yourself or if you want to dip your toes into something new and creative in a community-focused friendly space, Factory 3 could be just what you’re looking for. Learn more about Factory 3 on their website here.

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