A 61-year-old teacher from Epping, New Hampshire was taking her usual daily swim in her pool on August 11th, when the ladder broke. Leslie Kahn, who is a cancer survivor, wasn't strong enough to pull herself out and no one else was home, according to WMUR. She said her phone was inside the house, but luckily, her iPad was on a nearby chair. Kahn was able to use the pool cleaning pole to drag the chair to her and grab her iPad, so she could jump on Facebook and ask her friends for help. She told the TV station that she labeled the post "911" to get people's attention.

It worked! WMUR reports that within seven minutes, "a virtual community was responding with concerns, ideas and offers" to help her.

Even better, two of her neighbors saw the post and came over to her house to help. The police also showed up and pulled her out of the pool.

Kahn was reportedly stuck in her pool for three hours, but thank goodness her iPad was close enough for her to reach it. The outcome could have been so much worse.

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