But, if you ask Maine’s favorite ski resorts, it’s already here!!

Maine Ski Resorts Opening Days

That’s right, some of Maine’s most iconic and beloved ski mountains are already open for the season.

Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley and Sunday River in Newry just opened up this week and Mainers are already stoked to be hitting the trails. Sunday River kicked off its first chairlift ride on Thursday, Nov. 17, and Sugarloaf welcomed skiers and boarders on Friday, Nov. 18.

As someone who FINALLY knows how to ski, I am beyond giddy. If I wasn’t already pumped enough, videos posted by Maine mountains this week just put me in the most excited state possible and now I’m ready to buy my season pass.

If you weren’t excited to ski before, you’re going to be squirming to hit the slopes after these.

Sugarloaf and Sunday River Opening Day Videos

Sugarloaf teased us all with a quick video showing the drive on Access Road to the mountain and dropping the beautiful fact that the first chair ran at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning on Nov. 18.

The ariel shot of the road heading to the mountain makes my stomach flip with anticipation.

For Maine enthusiasts of all seasons, this one is epic because it shows the gorgeous colors of fall foliage in Carrabassett Valley versus what the mountain looks like now covered in snow.

This one is just plain sexy. That’s what we are here for, slopes covered in snow and ready to go!

Now let’s move over to Sunday River.

Opening day at Sunday River was Thursday, Nov. 17 and this quick reel shows the chair lifts operating for the first time this season. Let’s gooo!!

All of Sunday River’s videos are extremely well done. This one gets you hype just by picturing yourself in that scene with videos of people skiing, snowboarding, and cheering at the start of the winter sports season.

This might be the best one just because of the lighting.

Lastly, another extremely well-done video of the snow makers in action making it possible for us to all hit the slopes as early as possible regardless of the weather


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