If the next generation has people like 9-year-old Elliot Perry in Bedford in it, we're going to be okay. Because nevermind day one, hour one, or minute one -- since SECOND one, Elliot has been dropkicking any obstacles in his way like they're NOTHING.

Elliot was born about 3 months early, weighed just over a pound and was basically the size of a water bottle, when he entered the world and spent 121 days at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH. Doctors only gave him an 18% chance of survival, actually -- and he clearly crushed that. On top of that, they didn't think he would ever talk, and didn't think he would be able to walk since he was born with collateral clubbed feet -- crushed that one, too.

It's pretty clear that Elliot is a special kid to overcome all that, but even more obvious that he's a special kid because he's been raising money for CHaD with his "The 121 Club" project; not only to show appreciation for saving his life when he was born, but also to help out kids his age that are also patients and have two wheelchair-accessible playgrounds built on the hospital campus.

After catching wind of what was happening with Elliot, Ellen had him and his parents on the show so she could first off highlight what an awesome little human Elliot is, but also give him a couple surprises. The first surprise was a video from Elliot's favorite recurring guest on the show, Kid Presidential Expert Macey Hensley.

Then there was the biggie -- Ellen teamed with Shutterfly to donate $20,000 to The 121 Club and help get those two wheelchair-accessible playgrounds even closer to becoming reality.

And honestly, Elliot's awesomeness didn't just end there, because right after finding out $20,000 was being donated to his project, the kiddo flexed his "giver" muscles and asked Ellen if he could send her a gift -- the first wool hat he ever wore with his name on it, which he said "kind of looks like Ellen" and was knitted by his parents. The best part? Ellen said her father's name was Elliot.

I've been saying for MONTHS now that no one looks out for their own like New Englanders, and how don't you believe it when A NINE-YEAR-OLD KID is doing everything he can to raise money so OTHER KIDS can have ADA playgrounds on the hospital campus?

Let's all be a little more like Elliot.

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