If you've spent enough time around Portland or Sugarloaf Mountain, you've probably seen Eighty 8 Donuts in some form. Once known as Urban Sugar, they've been hustling hard in Portland with their food truck for years. At Sugarloaf, they've got a delightful cafe that's an extension of their truck. Everywhere they are, there's one guarantee. Those bite-sized donuts that are unbelievably delicious are waiting to be devoured. So rather than having to track down their roving food truck in Portland, Eighty 8 Donuts is going to make it easy on you in 2021. They're going to open a brick-and-mortar shop instead.

Shared on Facebook by Eighty 8 Donuts, they cleverly used a teaser video to make their big announcement by driving their food truck in front of vacant space in Portland's Old Port. Eighty 8 Donuts will take over the space at 225 Federal Street that was the brief home of Po' Boys and Pickles as well as Federal Spice.

If you've never had Eighty 8 Donuts, you'll probably want to change that. Their speciality is bite-sized donuts that come in many different forms. From traditional sugared donuts, to hand-dipped, to some of their unique offerings like a Fruity Pebbles donut called Bamm Bamm. A longtime favorite has been the Ol' Blue Eyes, a donut covered in lavender glaze with lemon curd and Nilla wafers crumble.

So when can you expect Eighty 8 Donuts to open their shop in the Old Port. Right now, they're shooting for a grand opening in June but things can always change. Let's hope everything goes off without a hitch and it's the summer of donuts in Portland.

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