Fall in New England is beyond compare.  The beauty of the trees changing colors is a spectacular annual event that I never take for granted.  Like watching waves rolling in at the beach, it just reminds us how wonderful and powerful nature is.

Boston.com shared a video of drone footage taken by Michael Holzwarth of Waltham who flew his drone around the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and it's beyond words.

Imagine if you could effortlessly float in the clouds just above the trees and fly.  Watching this video made me feel so at peace and a little like I COULD fly.  It’s just the stress relief we all need right now.

It made me realize why so many artists paint the trees here in New England.  For centuries the New England fall landscape has inspired artists.

This drone footage taken by Michael Holzwarth is such an amazing piece of art and it really demonstrates how art can be expressed from painting with oils on canvas to photographs to drone videos.

Art is evolving just like the Mountains. This video captures the trees at just the right time for the maximum ‘wow’ effect.

Boston.com reports that the White Mountains of New Hampshire are one of the 10 best destinations to view the fall foliage in America as ranked by USA Today readers and you can see why.

This video was so amazing that I have to get out this weekend and take a walk among the trees, feel the crisp air, and take a moment to stop and enjoy nature.



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