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Here's all your comments to Tuesday's topic. Do you think kids in middle and high school should start classes later in the morning?

Again I will say it. You guys never disappoint. This is a pretty passionate one.

A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics says that teens need more sleep to function, and middle and high school students shouldn't start school until 8:30 in the morning. What do you think? Does school need to start later?

Here's some of your comments:

  • Joseph M Couture No, I think they should be going to bed earlier so that they can get up earlier without feeling so rundown. Our bodies will adjust to what ever time schedule we use. A big part of the problem is video games and night time television. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." Or, at least that's what my mother told me. :)
  • Donna Conrad Yes, my daughter has to be at the bus stop by 6:00am. That's crazy!
  • Dave Johnson No. If they're sleep deprived, it's their fault and that of the parents'. Go to bed earlier. Rising early won't seem half as bad!
  • Marla Carter Fredette Yes! Some kids need more than 8 hours of sleep and would end up being in bed at 6pm.
  • Corrina Brofee No, I have 1 in middle school and 1 in high school and I think it's fine, ya they whine that they are tired but I say suck it up buttercup, I am tired also. Its life....
  • Gordie Raynes Kids now a days are lazy enough as it is let them go 6 days a week from 7-4 & cancel Feb& April vacation as they r not needed
  • Jessica Kelley Wow that's funny. If adults don't have to go to work 6 days a week with no time off why should kids havw to go through that? We as adults usually don't have to work all day and then come home and spend all evening doing homework. I think they have too much "school" nowadays.
  • Mary Paine Leeman No, get to bed by 10 or 11.  No electronics in the bedroom and cut down on activities if schoolwork is affected.
  • Gigi Lucas Give me a break!!
  • 94.9 WHOM I believe the point of the new recommendations are based on biology. During the teenage years, the body's natural sleep-wake cycle shifts & it's difficult for teenagers to fall asleep earlier than 11 p.m.
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  • Gordie Raynes I've been getting up @ 5 am since 6th grade kids today are just plain lazy
  • Melissa Paquette Cox I don't understand the concept... If they go to school later.... They get out later, after school activities will run later , homework will the run later....? How is that helping. If kids need more sleep then after school activities should end by 4:30 in the afternoon and then should get less homework. Homework should be to master the fundamentals not be a tedious task.... Nobody has to write 20 page papers or do 500 math problems.
  • Tammi Bernard No they need to get ready for the real world where you have to get up early for work.
  • Sally Beaudoin yes especially for elementary. 3 year olds have to be at the bus stop at 7 or earlier. thats a little much,,  let them be children.
  • Jackie Fournier Willey Absolutely!!! I have a child starting middle school this year and there's no doubt that biology rules her sleep cycles! It only makes sense to listen to the experts and try to teach to a child who is optimally rested! I am a night shift nurse and know very well how sleep or lack thereof effects optimal functioning!
  • Diane Auger Harmon For sure my son last year was late all most every day.. For real no matter what
  • Diane Auger Harmon Yes but they do need to learn in real life you may need to get up and get to work
  • Kaitlyn Hamilton I think instead of making school later they should only go four days a week. Give them Wednesdays off as a mid week break. This would be the perfect day to get homework done or catch up on some rest so they aren't run down by the time Friday roles around.
  • Michelle Olson Schools have talked about that for years .....even back when I was going to high school! it's never happened .....we'll see
  • Sarah Mulcahy Take away their phones and TV and make them go to bed at a decent hour! Come on, aren't our kids entitled enough?
  • Elizabeth Brockway In a perfect world yes, but we all know the world doesn't work that!  Unless you attend a private school like I did junior and senior year that runs from 9-3, most kids aren't that lucky.  It made a huge difference for me though, I'm not an early morning person, and that allowed me to actually be awake during my class vs. Sleeping through it!
  • Elizabeth Brockway No matter what you do, no one can change someone's body clock like that, and with jobs or sports and the amount of homework most have they are up late at night.  Teens need more sleep because of their growing bodies and brain chemistry but life usually gets in the way of that!  So yes in a perfect world they should, but they don't.
  • Lee Keith No, we all lived thru early morning bus rides and pop quizzes ! Stop making these kids into wimps ......
    Get them ready for the real world! Most jobs out there are not nine to five....
  • Kate Mattingly My son starts middle school next year and a little extra sleep would benefit him greatly
  • Tracy Gilbert McNaughton I think that school should start later in the morning because although students will eventually have to get up at early morning times for work, this will give them the chance to enjoy sleeping for what little time they'll have left of it.  (by my son)
  • Jane Roseman Because of technology, AP classes, volunteering, cell phones, cell phones, cell phones, lots of homework, ......less sleep
  • Elizabeth Cogley No, I think things should remain as they are school wise: I think kids need to go to bed at a decent time. However, I do not agree with the amount of homework each student has. I do not agree with homework at all. Students put in their 7 hour day, let them be after they get home. They don't need to spend another 3+ hours doing damn homework.
  • Kate Keaney Cornelio No. My children like going in early.  If you start later that just puts sports later, homework and ultimately they will go to bed even later.  How did we ever survive in the past????
  • Meri Costa As a teacher, I have mixed feelings...there are studies that show teenagers need more sleep...however, the generation we have now is a gaming generation...they stay up too long on the games and then can't concentrate on their day. Personally, as a case manager, I have afternoon meetings...and my day is long enough.
  • Lori Gibney Yes. I think they will be more engaged in their earlier classes.
  • Dawn Brownell Yes!!! I have said this for years!






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