There's a bit of a tried and true formula when it comes to lobster rolls in Maine. You have one part delicious Maine lobster, one part mayo (maybe with a few seasonings tossed in) and then of course you have your roll, whether it be a hot dog bun or a sub. There are plenty of small variations to this formula, but ultimately this is the template. So if you're DiMillo's On The Water, a Portland tradition for decades, what can you do to stand out from all of the incredible competition? Reinvent the lobster roll, of course.

Shared by DiMillo's On The Water on Facebook, they're calling it a lobster stuffed potato, but we see it for what it really is, a new, mouthwatering take on a lobster roll. In some ways, this is a dream for a Maine native. Instead of bread, replace the roll portion with a perfectly twice-baked potato. Instead of mayo, how about a scoop of sour cream over the top instead? And just for fun, throw in some bacon, cheese and chives for the upscale factor. DiMillo's also promises this thing is "as big as your head". Hope you're hungry.

Maybe this is how lobster rolls were meant to be served all along?


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