I'm just going to say it -- I don't get the hate for Tom Brady in New England. I know it's not ALL of New England, but I don't get how there's ANY hate at all, honestly.

Seriously think about it for a second. That man gave us his all for 20 straight seasons. I don't remember one time at all where he ever thought about leaving, or there was ever a "Will he stay or will he go?" headline about him, except for about 10 months ago when we didn't know what he was going to do.

MULTIPLE TIMES, he took a personal pay cut to save the cap for the better of the team. Why? So he could bring another Super Bowl title home to not only his team, but to US. Someone who "sells out" and has "no loyalty" doesn't do that. If he was in it for himself, I guarantee you he would've pulled the ole "too bad, so sad, I'm getting paid huge so that's all I care about."

He played injured, he probably played sick, he played while he had personal issues going on like his mother's cancer battle -- we deemed him the G.O.A.T. We've called this man the Greatest Of All Time, and God, and suddenly because he's not playing for us, we don't want the best for him? Where's OUR loyalty? Because I'd put money on the fact that there's some pretty deep-rooted reasons why he didn't play this season for the Pats.

And even if it was just simply done with 20 years of the freezing cold -- SO WHAT? He ALWAYS gave us his all. Plus, how much did we all LOSE OUR MIND when he posted this GEM of a video after the Pats won the AFC Championship in 2019.

Anyway, I say all this because TB12 has been probably the most successful pro football player in history (and it can be argued, I'm not saying what I'm saying is law and scripture). And when you're THAT good, I feel like no one would blame you if you kept all of your money for yourself and didn't care if the team was struggling with the salary cap to try and build a championship team. Everyone may even expect after a conference championship win to fake celebrate with your team, then walk off the field and go do whatever you want.

But did you catch the VERY first thing Brady did after the game was over and he shook hands with Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers players and coaching staff? He asked if he could say hi to his son.

Re-read that, by the way. Tom Brady. The G.O.A.T. God. He didn't demand to see his son. He didn't expect he could just hop up and say hi to his son. He ASKED. And honestly, this pure joy between father and son is just...well, it's enough to make even people with daddy issues smile. Because it's just nothing but pure joy, pride, and excitement.

I love the fact that Brady helped take a team like the Bucs that were never talked about in the same sentence as "Super Bowl" without "definitely won't be playing in the" also included in that sentence. I also love the fact that IF there is going to be a Captain, Quarterback, and leader of a team to be part of the first time in history having a team play on their home field in the Super Bowl, it's Tom Brady. But most of all, I love that he ran this conference championship video back with Gronk.

Go get 'em, TB12. Win the whole flippin' thing, AGAIN!

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